Tuesday, September 18, 2007

anxieties and goals

With every new September there also comes a new school year and with every new school year comes new anxiety. Though anxiety is a common thing, the pressure is added as a high school athlete. I, myself, fall into this category since i play soccer as a fall sport. Ever since the first week of august, I've had soccer practices or games at least 6 times a week. With the recent starting of school this has boiled my days down to a core of school, soccer, school work, sleep. With such a tight schedule, naturally I've been under a lot of pressure. My anxiety for the first couple months of school is being able to keep up my school work and my training on and off the field. Though high school sport's seasons are typically short they have high intensity and since i play a fall sport it may intervene with some of the time i need for my beginning of the year school work. So, until the middle of October, my anxieties will be balancing my athletic and academic life.

As a new sophomore in the high school, I find myself referring to my map in between classes quite often. The hallways are usually packed wall to wall with students and there may not always someone willing to stop to give directions to a "squashmore". Knowing this, I've decided to make one of my goals this year to learn my way around the high school. I want to know every back alley and every secret corner. That way when there wall to wall congestion in a certain hallway i know a back route to get to class on time before the bell chimes. By the end of sophomore year, i hope to be the go-to girl for directions but until then I'm going to have to figure out a way to get to my classes the only ways i know how, through traffic.

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