Sunday, September 30, 2007

Week 2 part 1

Marya struggles growing up in Edina with the pressure of her mother, her grandmother, her peers, and her own thoughts. She along with her other classmates begin to complusively critisize their own bodies in the school bathrooms after lunch. They discuss the Pefrect Body. Marya tells about the social classes of Edina and how she is on the "wrong side of town" since she is not living in the victorian style homes of the Country Club. Marya keeps progressing through puberty and tells her mother she needs a bra. Her mother, as usual, ignores her. Marya becomes more and more desperate writing letters to her mother and hanging signs on her door. Her mother finally complies and brings her to Dayton's for an awkward shopping trip. Marya began to make more excuses about being sck so she could stay home from school. She would eat and eat then throw up and eat again. By the time she was eleven Marya was fully developed. Boys teased her about her puberty which made Marya even more uncomfortable. Marya continues her pattern of binge eating then throwing up. Marya gets invited some parties consiting of pizza, chips, movies and holding hands. At the party she confines herself in the bathroom after her meal. She turns the sink and fan on so that they won't her her puke. Marya's grades were slowly dropping and she decieded that she wants to become grown up now. Marya started wear dark makeup and promiscuous outfits to make herself look older. She begins to become afraid of her body and the sexual things it represents. Marya and her father become ever distant with each other and Marya still longs for her mother's approval. She begins skipping meals to "cleanse her sysytem". She wanted to be independant from everyone but still be able to sit on her mom's lap. Marya wants more and more to become invisble and slip into the crowd, faceless and nameless. She continued to drop her grades and was eventually dropped from the "Talents" Program at school. Marya begins sleeping with men she just has just met. She is thirteen when she starts taking drugs and having sex. Marya even tries heiroin. She stays up late doing excersives in her bedroom while thinking "I'm fat, I'm fat..". At fourteen, Marya is pregnant. The baby does not survive, Marya has a miscarriage while sitting at dinner one night. She begins to see her mother's therapist, though not through her own will and finally decides that she will move away to Art Boarding School, Interlochen.

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