Thursday, November 29, 2007

Debate Blog

amount of allowance- usually happens at home between you and your parents. The purpose is to convince and compromise a price for doing chores or such. Sometimes there is a favorable agreement made but it's not certain. I think the parent obviously has a more weighted agruement in this debate since they're the ones with the money so they can manipulate the price a little easier. the debate is unstructured

curfew time- this happens at home. The purpose is to gain independence and to also gain trust. Not always does it arrive at a better decision because usually parents are stuck in their ways but sometimes all you have to do is ask for it. The debate is unstructureded. I don't think this would change the outcome because i'm positive there are no ''formal'' arguements about curfew

Week 1 Post B

Dear Mr. Robert Dunn,
Your book so far is interesting. I like the way that you relate what is going on now in the year 2007 to the things that went on back in the 60's. I've actually always wished that I lived in the 60's just for the music and 60’s music is the main subject of this book. I really like Dink’s wit and I also think that Princess seems very smart. I don’t really like Punky, though. I think that he seems a bit too sleazy. With Punky, I can’t take him seriously but I think that is something that you did intentionally. Also Manny Gold bothers me. When Dink and Princess first see the Meringues, the way you wrote Dink’s reaction was really great. I loved the emotion in your words when you described the group. I was surprised when Dink and Princess chose the Harlequins over the Meringues but obviously that won’t last long. I hope that Dink finds someone to love him because he seems so entrapped in his work and unhappy at times. Dink and Princess I think would be a good couple but I know that wouldn’t work out. I can’t wait to learn more about the mysterious Anna Dubower and her alleged affair with John Lennon. I love the Beatles more than anything in the entire world. They’re hands down my favorite band of all time. To tell you the truth the only reason I chose this book is because on the back it says Anna has “ affair with John Lennon”.

Week 1 Post A

encumbered(21)- To put a heavy load on; burden
cascade(25)- an arrangement of a lightweight fabric in folds falling one over another in random or zigzag fashion

One theme that is emerging is the conflict in integrity. This is because the trial in the book is fighting for the rights to the Annas' songs and who deserves the money for the songs.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Meet the Annas

  • Meet the Annas by Robert Dunn
  • Copyright 2007
  • Fiction
  • 315 pages
  • The book is a "muscial novel" and as of right now I'm not sure quite what that means but it should be challenging for me since it's a new style of writing. Meet the Annas is a drama as well as a "musical". There's also some mystery tied in too. I think the combination of all three will make an interesting book that should be very challenging.
  • One reason I chose Meet the Annas was because I love 60's rock, which the book is centered on. Also, in the summary on the back it mentioned something about an "affair with John Lennon" which was actually the definite decieding factor as to why I chose this book over others.