Thursday, November 29, 2007

Week 1 Post B

Dear Mr. Robert Dunn,
Your book so far is interesting. I like the way that you relate what is going on now in the year 2007 to the things that went on back in the 60's. I've actually always wished that I lived in the 60's just for the music and 60’s music is the main subject of this book. I really like Dink’s wit and I also think that Princess seems very smart. I don’t really like Punky, though. I think that he seems a bit too sleazy. With Punky, I can’t take him seriously but I think that is something that you did intentionally. Also Manny Gold bothers me. When Dink and Princess first see the Meringues, the way you wrote Dink’s reaction was really great. I loved the emotion in your words when you described the group. I was surprised when Dink and Princess chose the Harlequins over the Meringues but obviously that won’t last long. I hope that Dink finds someone to love him because he seems so entrapped in his work and unhappy at times. Dink and Princess I think would be a good couple but I know that wouldn’t work out. I can’t wait to learn more about the mysterious Anna Dubower and her alleged affair with John Lennon. I love the Beatles more than anything in the entire world. They’re hands down my favorite band of all time. To tell you the truth the only reason I chose this book is because on the back it says Anna has “ affair with John Lennon”.

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