Sunday, October 7, 2007

Week 3 Part 1

Over the summer, Marya got a job at McDonald's. Marya is excited to finally leave Edina for boarding school feeling that she is now Grown Up. She fantisizes about coming back home a whole new person with long legs, high cheek bones dusted with blush and of course extremely thin. Marya's mother is still as apethetic as ever even telling Marya that maybe she could lose a few pounds. Before she leaves for boarding school, Marya takes a trip with er chior class to the Far East. It's there that she falls in love with another girl on the trip who is also bulimic but she doesn't act on these feelings. At the end of the summer Marya leaves for Interlochen, Michigan. When she arrives to her dorm room, she learns that she has a roommate. Lora had long red hair, was "all legs", and very energetic. Marya began to began to go days with just crystal light flavored water. She also began running. Marya would run 5 miles up tp 5 times a day and still eating less than before. Lora and Marya became extremely close. Soon Marya began to chian-smoke in order to replace cigarettes with meals. After a while she was only eating once a week on Sundays, a bowl of rice. She began to habit into saving food in a box. In the box were stale crakers and rubbery carrots. The reason she kept them was just to know that they were there, just in case.When walking
to classes, Marya began having a hard time breathing and occansionally would faint due to the lack of calories in her body. When Interlochen has an end of the year dance, Marya has a hard time standing and starts to cough blood. A week later Marya faints when walking to a class. Her mother and father are called and Marya is sent back to the Twin Cities with just a week left in school. Back in Minnesota, Marya is sent to Teen-Age Medical Services(TAMS) clinic. She sees a doctor that tells her that she in anemic, that she has ketones in her urine, her blood pressure is unstable, that her heart rate is pitiful and needs to be hospitalized immediately. She was checked in with A. Bulimia nervosa (w/ anoretic features) B. substance abuse C. major depression.

Marya Hornbacher was born on April 4, 1974 in Walnut, California. At age 5 she moved to Edina, Minnesota. At age fifteen she attended a pretigous art school, Interlochen. She was hospitalized a year later. She was in and out of treatment for the next three years until she moved to Washington, D.C to attend college at American University. That winter she was admitted to the hospital with one week to live. Later she married her best friend from her teenage years, Julian. Julian and Marya divorced after the publication of Wasted which Marya wrote when she was only 22. She now lives in Minneapolis with her husband, Jeff Miller and their two cats. Marya has only wirtten one other published book since Wasted, The Center of Winter. She is now working on her second memior which deals with the aftermath of her eating disorder and her coming of age. She also is recognized for her reviews of the arts.

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