Sunday, October 7, 2007

Week 3 Part 2

There are many strengths in this book. One of them being Marya's way to dictate her story without over shadowing a certain thing too heavily. I love the way Marya adds interludes at the end of every chapter that relates what she is going through at the time to her present day life. A few weaknesses of Wasted would be that Marya focuses too much on detail. It gets to the point where I skip lines or paragraphs because this is the third time that she's described how she dissects her carrot so she can make her meal last an hour. I have a hard time reading Wasted in some parts because i get so overwhelmed with the reality of an eating disorder. The thought of someone starving themselves voluntarily makes me realize how miserable and desperate a person can be. I used to think that eating disorders were vain and shouldn't be treated as an actual disease but this book is starting to bring more light onto the effects of eating disorders and the reasons why people develop insecurities. At this point I honestly don't think that Marya is going to get better and she's not going to take measures in her own hands, she's already a lost cause.

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