Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Sea Inside

The Sea Inside was a very compelling movie and it's heartbreaking to know that someone actually went through life as Ramon did. I liked the movie a lot. I can't imagine what it would be like to live life as a quadriplegic. I think that Ramon's request was valid. Even though i believe that suicide is wrong, someone in as much pain as Ramon should be able to make their own choice. I think that the friends who agreed to help him really did love him. They wanted the best for him and wanted to help carry out his wishes. I think that the people who refused to help him loved him too but in a more selfish way of love.

Both Ramon and Jean-Dominique were quadriplegic but they had their differences. Well first off, Ramon still had movement in his head and was able to speak where as Jean-Dominique was only able to blink his eye. Jean Dominique also didn't have the same open desire to die as Ramon did. Jean-Dominique understood that he was going to die soon but he had had no wish to speed up the process. I think that Ramon's story was very sad and depressing and talking only in the present where as Jean-Dominique's was more here's how it is now and here's how it was before. J.D.'s story was more powerful for me just for the fact that he wrote the story himself and had to blink out every letter of the memoir.

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