Sunday, October 14, 2007

week 4 Part 2

Marya is admitted to a hospital for the first time. The days are exactly routine and Marya comments that the days blur together so that time is a blur too. The days consist of 3 full meals with snacks between each of the meals and one before they go to bed. Marya dreads meals because the nurses force the patients to eat every bit of their food within 30 minutes and if they haven't finished by the time ends they must drink Ensure which is basically liquid calories. The patients are constantly being monitered, even when showering. Marya's parents came to visit in the evenings. One time Marya's mother came alone and the tensions between mother and daughter boiled. Her family also had to attend family therapy which was an hour and a half of Marya shouting at her father, her father shouting at her mother, and her mother shouting at Marya. As Marya's vitals started to stabilize she was given more freedom and began to attend AA meetings where she slept with a few of the guys in the group. At the end of August Marya is well enough to leave the hospital and move to California to live with her father's ex wife. She is supposed to attend therapy weekly and nutritionists, psychiatrist twice monthly but Marya already has no intention to do so. The house is an old farming house and the driveway is a long dirt road. There are chicken coops in back and the purple sky lights the foothills of Bennett Mountain. Marya is pregnant again but intentionally miscarries it. SHe attends a small school where she meets Julian, who is her future husband. Eating wise, Marya does well for a few months but slowly she begins to fade back into her old ways. She starts to binge and throw up again. She also begins to skip some meals for her "diet". Marya wanders the street at night because of her insomnia. When weighed at her nutritionist she rpoudly sees that she has lost another 20 pounds and is down to the low 80s now. While Marya is considerabley happy about this, TAMS, her father's ex wife, and her parents are not. Marya boards the next plane back to Minnesota. She is again admitted into Methodist hospital but can't stay for long because the insurance will not cover her hospital stay any longer. Marya is now going to be sent to the Lowe house. The Lowe house is a Minnesota state institution for the legally insane.

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