Thursday, October 18, 2007

Week 5

At the Lowe House it is always under a patient lock down. All doors are locked, all windows are sealed shut. All sharp objects and sharp edges or corners are made blunt. Marya finds no comfort in anyone but herself but eventually opens up to Duane, a little boy, and Joan, her room mate. Marya was able to stash some laxatives in her room. She never intended to use them necessarily but just the comfort of knowing they were there was enough. Every night the group on her floor gets together to have therapuetic talk and at the end of each session, they hug. Marya refuses to be touched. She blots out of the door as soon as the meetings end. Marya hates any form of intimacy as that reminds her of her own body in which she has so much hate for. Duane and Joan become Marya's saving grace and keeps what is left of her sanity. As Marya progresses, she gains her priveldges back. She eventually is let out of the building to go on walks with group or into town for a shopping trip. Within the next month Marya is premitted to apply to the University of Minnesota as an off campus student. After a weekend of staying at her parents house, Marya comes back a few pounds lighter. The staff suspects laxatives so they search her room and find Marya's stash of unused laxatives. She is put back under full-time supervision. When April comes Marya is 18. She checks herself out of the Lowe house and her her report chart the final notation is : "Recovered?". Marya stays at her parents house which becomes a haven for her binge eating. One night when her parents are out of town, Marya binges uncontrolably to where she consumes every last bit of food in the house, not including the dog food, and makes sure every last bit of food comes back up too. Marya drives tot he grocery store and fills up her cart just so that she can go home and repeat what she's already done tonight, a series of binge eating followed by stick her head in the toilet.

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